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photography services, Southampton, Hampshire

Pavel Baran


Born in Poland, 1980


Hi there. My name is Pavel and I am a photographer based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK. For me photography is an art and those who are performing it are the artists, so I find myself as an artist too.

I personally think you don't take a picture with just your camera. You take it with your heart and your mind, with every life experience you went through, with every scene and every object you've seen in your life. And that's how I take my pictures. I'm very passionate about photography and within my images I capture beauty and emotions.


On this website I proudly present you a selection of my works and a services I can provide you with. 

I have more than 15 years experience in photography and therefore I'm feeling very confident in capturing families, babies, children, and those uniqe moments in your family life.  I can also provide you with variety of other services and these are: wedding photoshoots, 

birthday shoots, baptisms and christenings shoots.  I also work with models of all levels shooting portraits, glamour, fashion and beauty. I'm confident in commercial photoshoots as well.


In my photography I'm always trying to think "outside the box" and that makes me unique and different from others.

Are you fancy a photoshoot? Click on to "Contact" link below "About Me" and call me or drop me an email, I'm sure we can create fantastic images together. I'm fully flexible, so let's work on location or come over to my studio.    



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